I’m Arun Chagar, a final year Politics and International Relations student at the University of Southampton.

This website shows the blogs I have made for university modules – Living and Working on the Web #UOSM2033 and Social Enterprise #UOSM2022, alongside my fitness and nutrition blog.

Overview of university modules:

Living and Working on the Web is aimed at helping students expand their digital literacy by engaging in topics such as digital ‘visitors’ and ‘residents’, online identity and open access.

Social Enterprise seeks to develop key skills amongst students – leadership, teamwork, problem solving and public speaking, through addressing the issue of ways to enhance the sustainability of student life.

Fitness and Nutrition blog:

Currently on a lean bulk until May 2019, I will be posting my progress including my favourite meals and workouts. If interested in cutting down, check out my 12 week summer shred experience blog aswell.