Week 11 – Evaluation and Feedback

Over the past 11 weeks, my leadership and problem-solving skills developed the most. These two skills were my weakest coming into the module. Actions such as creating the Waste Watchers website, alongside deciding it’s beneficial to divide tasks amongst the group, is where my leadership skill advanced. Forming the waste management application for instance is how I improved my problem-solving skill.

I feel my public-speaking skill developed the least throughout the module, as apart from showcasing our prototype in week 9 and presenting in week 11, we did not have the opportunity to bolster this skill.

My teamwork skill developed consistently throughout, which I am happy with.

In particular, I would like to grow my public-speaking skill further, potentially in semester 2 through presentations, or in the future via presentations in the workplace. However, improving all key skills are beneficial to me.

This concludes my blogging for the module. 


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