Week 10 – Presentations

Week 10 saw our team, the Waste Watchers, deliver our presentation. As planned, the presentation was within the seven minutes and flowed well. Personally, I thought my public speaking was clear and at a good pace, thus showing how this skill of mine developed over the course. Moreover, my teamwork skill advanced during the presentation, as I was one of two speakers for our team, whilst my other three colleagues answered Q&A questions.

My leadership skill enhanced when rehearsing the presentation, as I decided we needed to cut irrelevant information, such as how the scope of degree subjects amongst our team helped contribute to our project.

I learned providing handouts, below, to support our presentation was beneficial, as the judges could always see our solution idea – Waste Watchers app. The handout improved my problem-solving skill, as the panel could see how we plan to tackle the lack of recycling.



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