Week 9 – Orientation to the Deliver Phase and Presentation Workshop


This week we presented our prototype – waste management application – to classmates. Consequently, my public speaking skill advanced by conversing with multiple peers who approached us. Week 9 saw me improve my leadership skill as I decided one person should work on the Waste Watchers website, whilst two people design the app screenshots, and two colleagues establish our app associated costs, below. Subsequently, carrying out this process bolstered my teamwork skill.

App costs

Rewarding aspects this week was developing our prototype app, below, and creating the Waste Watchers website. Furthermore, my problem-solving skill advanced as my teammates explained to me how they established our app associated costs – the main challenge this week.

A presentation skill I developed this week was making eye contact with those I am talking to, thus making me more comfortable when public speaking. Working alongside colleagues on our Prezi has made me more comfortable designing presentations.


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