Auf wiedersehen cyber buddies

In hindsight, UOSM 2033 has enhanced my online professional profile substantially, something all other modules I participate in cannot offer.


Looking at my module self-review, above, my feeling towards all categories has increased. An area I am now most confident in is ‘participating in online communities’. Before UOSM 2033, I had never truly engaged in an online community, blogging hadn’t occurred to me as an online social activity. However, through this module, I have engaged in an online community, by praising and receiving useful feedback from peers, enabling myself to create blogs of higher quality.



My interactive presentation can be found on my blog:

I am proud to say ‘building online networks around an area of interest’ is the category I have most improved in. This area was unfamiliar to myself before the module. However, from understanding the importance of Twitter in this process, which I was a digital visitor in, I have built up a network around fitness, being my passion, seen below.




Seen from the categories above, I am now confident across all of these. Regarding ‘creating online materials’, I had never made an animated video, especially not one available on YouTube. However, through PowToon, a digital tool UOSM2033 introduced me to, I have accomplished this, consequently enhancing my online professional profile through having higher quality blogs, from gaining the confidence to incorporate such a tool.

PowToon video from Topic 5:

It is clear to see the improvement in my marks, below, from incorporating Piktocharts- a digital tool I had never used before UOSM2033, alongside presentations and PowToon videos into my blogs.

Topic 1 was overwhelmingly text based, understandably my weakest blog.

Available at:

Topic 4 was my strongest blog, featuring a Piktochart and a presentation.

Available at:



Regarding ‘managing your online identity’, before UOSM2033 my LinkedIn profile was rather useless, seen below.


However, through topic 3 particularly, I understood the importance of an authentic LinkedIn profile. Therefore, I improved my LinkedIn profile, below, and will regularly update it in the future.


From topic 1 to topic 5, I have learned immensely. My presentation below expresses this, whilst emphasising, particularly in topic 4, how my knowledge has increased in the ‘managing your online privacy and security’ category.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking into the future, the learning and confidence I have gained from using digital tools to work online, and becoming a digital resident regarding living online, will help me pursue my goal of maintaining a fitness YouTube channel.

The ultimate goal is to live and work online as a career. I will expand my online networking circle by reaching out to other fitness enthusiasts, alongside creating an Instagram account showing my lean meals. I will learn how to use Sony Vegas to make high quality YouTube videos.

My Piktochart and PowToon video, below, epitomize the skills I have obtained regarding working online.


Finally, I want to thank Lisa, Sarah and Nic for providing an innovative module, which has been great for taking my mind off politics!

Word count – 495


Chagar, A (2016) Open Access. Available at: <;. [Date accessed 6 January 2017]. 

Chagar, A (2017) Final post video. Available at: <;. [Date accessed 6 January 2017]. 




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