Reflection of ethical issues in work

My initial understanding of the ethical issue – privacy, regarding the educational use of social media consisted of a lack of anonymity on the social profiles of teachers. Also, the need to think twice before posting online, regarding the professionalism of, and how posts will be received, was drawn to my attention through my primary research.

Further ideas regarding this ethical issue can be seen below:


However, from reading Joe’s blog, I understood teachers’ privacy on social media is more serious than I originally thought. He opened my eyes to the fact that teachers change their name on social media, to remain hidden from students, as they do not want to be punished for befriending a student. A name change on social media could also help prevent teachers from being observed by parents, or stalked from students. I thought teachers editing their privacy settings to restrict public access to their profiles was enough, however Joe made me realise teachers go far beyond this.

Moreover, after reading Nikhil’s blog, who approached the task from the business perspective, I gained an insight into integrity amongst the workforce. He made me acknowledge that from less than 10% of employers providing social media training for their workers, they are consequently being dismissed for lacking integrity when posting on social media regarding their company. However, Nikhil made me understand a key discipline, to never express negative opinions about your current or former company on social media. This could harm their brand image, which is unethical, but could also harm your future chances of employment.

Overall, after peer engagement, I understand that privacy in education is taken extremely seriously by teachers, who attempt to remain hidden from students and parents when using their own, social, media profiles. Additional changes in my understanding can be seen below.


My comments on the posts of others:

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