Keeping the title simple, Topic 2 Reflection

From reading blogs of peers, my knowledge on the consequences of having multiple online identities certainly strengthened. I’ll jump straight into it.

Part of the topic I omitted was the concept of anonymity. From reading Xiaolu’s blog, he furthered my initial understand of the consequences of digital identities, as through anonymity, both positives and negatives can be taken. For the anonymous user, using social media sites- ‘Fakebook’ as Xaiolu refers to it, enables them to express their feelings and not be prosecuted. As China forbids the freedom of speech, anonymity online means the user cannot be traced, thus a positive of an anonymous online identity.

However, Alice’s blog made me realise a user with an anonymous online identity can engage in catfishing, bringing upon negative consequences for the receiver. Having left out this issue in my blog, I was able to understand that catfishing on social media for example, can lead to suicide, which this article explains. Furthermore, anonymity can lead to online trolls, who forward hateful comments as they are not at risk of exposure. In Joe’s post, he refers to these internet users as being ‘keyboard warriors’.


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Finally, Heilam’s blog improved my understanding of the negatives of multiple online identities due to authenticity. She highlighted through social media sites tying multiple accounts together, creating authenticity, the actions of these individuals, for example comments online, are becoming easily traceable. Social media sites can then engage in hyper-targeted ads, ruining the online experience of individuals.

If this topic was repeated, I would definitely include the arguments regarding positives and negatives of anonymity amongst internet users. The word limit is too strict, as the arguments I included regarding user reachability and screening amongst employers, through possessing multiple online identities is, in my opinion, essential to the topic.

My comments on the blogs of others: 


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