Reflection of Topic 1

I’ll start by saying that before topic one began, I knew nothing about what digital residents and visitors were. Since reading sources from White, I have understood that a digital visitor is someone who uses online facilities only when they have a specific task to perform, for example in a job. However, a digital resident is a person who, unlike a visitor, spends a large amount of their time on the web, using it to maintain an active profile which plays an important part in their lifestyle, a YouTuber being a great example.

I was credited for my clarity in defining concepts digital visitor and resident, however from reading the posts of others (also mentioned in the feedback I received), I should have included a point about the continuous scale existing amongst internet users. This point also bolstered my initial understanding of the topic, as I learned there is a continuous scale between digital visitors and residents, so nobody can solely be defined as being either, instead, web users alternate between being a visitor and resident at different times- at work or when relaxing respectively.

Despite being praised on my use of contemporary evidence, I was informed my post was rather formal, similar to an essay layout. From interacting with bloggers, I acknowledged my post’s appearance could have been improved through adding media, pictures and videos for example, consequently separating the text to make the layout less essay like. Moreover, I needed to add more colour, thus making the blog more eye catching. I agreed with these points and will incorporate this feedback into my next post.

Furthermore, including two extra sources from wider reading would have enhanced my understanding of this topic, however I think including extra media is more important, and comments from peers support this.

My comments on the blogs of others:

My 3 responses to comments on my own blog:


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